the show labels
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the show
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cabernet sauvignon 2006
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image © designboom

three different labels, same wine

during our trip to new york designboom just stumbled upon a few wine bottles with
limited edition labels and loved the iconic images, their color and texture that the
wood type provides. whoever actually designed the bottle packaging did a good job
of achieving unity between the front and back labels, without one simply being
a continuation of the other. the quality mass produced wine is by rebel wine company.

back site label
nashville-based hatch show print was founded in 1879 by brothers charles and william hatchand
and is now part of the country music hall of fame.
for many decades hatch produced straightforward posters, each created by hand on crank presses
and inked in a very expressive manner.
hatch promoted circuses and travelling shows, country products like sausage and bread,
jazz greats duke ellington and louis armstrong, the one-and-only b. b. king.
for more information on hatch show print, visit the country music hall of fame website.

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