the korean designer's expression bases on a fractal structure. she blends hand drawing and computer
graphics. her wall panels are digitally printed on silk habotai and tufted in sections to enhance the pattern.

chae young kim lives and works in london
image © designboom

chae young kim has shown her finest filigree work in print in the british section of ICFF show floor,
during new york design week 09.

'the smallest garden' by chae young kim

chae young kim creates subtle digital graphics with the unique impression of natural hand drawings and keen digital emotions at the same time.

detail of 'the smallest garden'

'the smallest garden' by chae young kim

detail of wall panel
image © designboom

detail of 'the smallest garden' pattern

large scale of a pattern of 'the smallest garden' series by chae young kim

various patterns within the theme 'the smallest garden'
image © designboom

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