the armadillo chair uses laminate strips produced by wilsonart, designed by aodh o donnell
image © designboom

the laminate strips create an inviting texture through the process of shingling them over a curvilinear form
image © designboom

image © designboom

aodh o donnell was the winner of the 2009 wilsonart challenges
image © designboom

wilsonart® challenges is a student design scholarship program to foster the careers of emerging furniture
designers in north america. in 2008, wilsonart selected the industrial design department at the university
of philadelphia to participate in the program. the students were taught about laminate; its history, technical
capabilities, current market trends, and sustainability issues as well as the history of chairs as a decorative
arts form. throughout the course of a semester, concepts were generated, discussed and refined through a
series of exercises and critiques.
wilsonart exhibited the shortlisted designs during new york design week 09 inside the ICFF show floor.
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