'blossoming dubai' by petra architects
image courtesy petra architects

greek firm petra architects have designed 'blossoming dubai' for their proposal for
the zaabeel park tall emblem structure competition.

they based their design on the form of a blossoming flower. the tower is equipped
with two elevators running on spiral rails (spiral of the most simple geometry turning
135 degrees while ascending 138 meters). these lifts ascend from lower ground floor
(where the visitors enter) to the cafeteria level and the viewing platform above.
apart from the previously mentioned elevators that can cover all visitor access
(including disabled access), there are also two staircases fitted in the spiraling elements
of the building. the latter can be used on an emergency case.

main building access is on the ground floor and through the two symmetrical structures
located on each side of the tower’s base. one of the structures houses the children’s library
while providing (through skylights) an excellent view of the tower above. the children have
the chance to use both the enclosed library as well as part of the park outside. the conference
rooms are located on the lower ground floor offering a more controlled environment. all this
area is flooded with natural light from skylight-like holes on the ground above while framing
views of the tower. the building’s cafeteria is located 135 meters above ground and provides
a 360 degree view of dubai and the surrounding zaabeel park. there are also two staircases
connecting the cafeteria level with the viewing platform above providing a connection
between the two.

'blossoming dubai'
image courtesy petra architects

bird's eye view of 'blossoming dubai' in zaabeel park
image courtesy petra architects

blossoming flower concept
image courtesy petra architects

building elements composition
image courtesy petra architects

viewing level plan
image courtesy petra architects

cafeteria level plan
image courtesy petra architects

ground level plan
image courtesy petra architects

lower ground level plan
image courtesy petra architects

site plan
image courtesy petra architects

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