LAN architecture were awarded first prize in a competition to rehabilitate an industrial district in hamburg.
the competition ‘neue hamburger terrassen’ aims to transform this once industrial area on the river elbe into
a residential neighbourhood connected to the city of hamburg. 20 european architecture studios participated
in the sketch phase and LAN architecture will realize the first phase of the project as the first place winners.
the first phase consists 80 housing units in the north of the area covering 7000 sq. m to be completed by
2010. these housing units reference the typology of the terraced houses of the workers residences. there will
be a mix of individual houses and multi-unit structures. they will be surrounded by external and enclosed
green spaces. parking for the units is clumped together encouraging pedestrian friendly streets with limited
car circulation. to unit the many buildings in the master plan, the façade are kept very classic a regular to
give the development a unified image.



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