'vancouver primary' by sturgess architecture

canadian firm sturgess architecture received first prize for the category of
'vancouver primary' (an arterial site) in the city's 2030 challenge competition.
they developed their project with the notion that future buildings must produce
rather than consume. re-thinking the traditional form and current guidelines of
mixed-use buildings, they developed a structure that consists of more public
and open spaces. all buildings located on primary sites will offer the city with more
than just density.
their design is a building with a variety of productive surfaces. walls harness energy,
roofs grow food and floors connect the public and private spaces. by providing a variety
of uses within each structure, the community is presented with a walkable, sustainable
building. by ensuring the design of all new buildings respect the surrounding context
and understand the local environmental conditions, surfaces can be sculpted to provide
a vibrant urban environment for people to work, live and play.

'vancouver primary' with a wall that is a passive solar collector making it a living wall

'vancouver primary'

community garden

covered public amenity

open interior courtyard

'vancouver primary' surfaces - section a

'vancouver primary' surfaces - section b & c

'vancouver primary' surfaces - concept

'vancouver primary' surfaces - concept

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