'flying colors of dubai' by hongbo lu

canadian architect hongbo lu received the third prize for his 'flying colors of dubai'
design for the zaabeel park tall emblem structure.

'flying colors of dubai' consists of hundreds of colorful flakes positioned around a
curved elevator structure. the flakes are scattered along the site at low levels and
come closer aas they go up and finally form an upward mass reaching 160m high.

the proposed scheme is located in the site with an open plaza facing the lake and the
route along it. the conference facility and the children library are located at the east
and west sides of the plaza so the central plaza is well connected to visitors' route around
the structure. scattered flakes merged with the surrounding landscape would provide
shady spots for visitors while the main part of the mass provides shade to the plaza
to make it a comfortable gathering place suitable for many activities.

using the latest structural material the 'flying' flakes will be almost invisible. the flakes
would act like solar panels that would not only provide shading but also generate electricity
at the same time.

interior of 'flying colors of dubai

'flying colors of dubai' at night

l: elevator shafts, mechanical and electrical shafts act as support of the structure
r: spiral stairs as stabilizing elements

l: twisting network joined to the main structure to support the flakes
r: flakes fixed to the network act like solar panels

site plan

circulation and access

vertical circulation and exits

outdoor spaces in shade

ground floor plan

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